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Your garage door is an integral part of your home or maybe even your business. This massive wall of wood or metal, guards one of the biggest rooms you have; your garage! We use our garages to park our cars in, house our water heater, and to keep tools, trash cans, boxes and dozens of other items in. It’s easy to use our garages day in, and day out, and scarcely even think about anything going wrong. Then one day a torsion spring snaps or your opener stops working….talk about panic! Who is going to fix the problem? Are they dependable? Will it cost a lot? Do you need to take time off from work to have this fixed? How do you even know which Ahwatukee, AZ garage door repair shop to hire? Don’t worry – just read this post carefully and follow our directions. Ahwatukee Garage Door Repair will spell everything out for you simply so that you can find the right garage door shop for your particular needs.

The cart before the horse

We are going to do something different. Most people really put the proverbial “cart before the horse” when it comes to finding and using quality garage door repair. Take the Robinsons for example. They had a romantic dinner planned for days. It was celebration time since Mr. Robinson got a big promotion at work. They were dressed to the hilt and leaving early for the restaurant when they noticed that the garage door would not open. Thinking that it was just the remote battery that was low, they tried to open the garage door by pushing the wall button. Nope; no such luck! Their car was trapped in the garage! How would they get to dinner? They thought to call for help but who was open at 7 pm on a Friday night? Should they call a handyman, or a friend? If they call a garage door repair shop, which one is best?

What to really do!

The Robinsons did what most others do; they waited until they had an actual problem before calling a garage door repair shop. The trick is to do your search for one or two local Ahwatukee, AZ garage door repair shops BEFORE you need them. Have them already selected and logged into your smart phone(s) whether you need them now or not. If you never need a repair technician; great! But if you do; a pre-selected, full service, licensed professional is only a quick phone tap away at any moment!

I don’t have time for this!

You may be thinking that you are too busy to find a good garage door repair shop at the moment. The thing is; there will never be a good time to do it, and you certainly DON’T want to put it off and wait until it’s too late, and then scurry around frantically, and end up with shoddy service that you paid way too much for! Start your search using our simple guidelines and you won’t be sorry!

Look for these qualities

Start your calls and notice how the telephone is answered at each shop. Does the staff seem eager to help you, or in a hurry to get you off the phone so that they can get back to checking social media or shopping online? Do they cheerfully answer your questions or do they seem evasive and disinterested?

You’ll want your Ahwatukee, AZ garage door shop to be full service as well as insured, bonded and licensed. Full service means that they offer professional help with every part of your garage door including torsion springs, cables, rollers, tracks, pulleys, photo electric safety eyes, hinges, sections, extension springs, remotes, opener units and more. The last thing you want is to hire a company for one garage door part, only to find out that they can’t service another component.

Insist on round the clock emergency service, and not just lip service! Garage doors are notorious for having problems only on weekends or after-hours; or at least it seems that way! You don’t want to be kept waiting, either. Response times should be fast and the service technician needs to be able to come to your home or business location if your garage is at a commercial site.


Referrals are a good thing! People remember good service and they never forget a bad experience. You can learn much by talking to friends, coworkers, family members, and neighbors. Remember that hole-in-the-wall restaurant that turned out to be a good tip? It’s the same with garage door shops. Often the best ones don’t have the silly yellow page ads or the huge billboard sign on the highway; they just quietly go about their business providing quality workmanship at reasonable prices.


The Better Business Bureau is often thought of as a government agency. It is not. It is a privately owned business of its own that relies on membership fees. Should your garage door shop of choice be a member? No; as long as they don’t have a string of unresolved complaints on their file, they don’t need to have an actual membership. The same goes for Angie’s List. They are a membership service that offers helpful tips and “reports” on their contractor listings in good standing.

More tips

Many of your better garage door repair shops offer extra benefits like 25 point safety inspections, mobile service, free price quotes and warrantied parts and labor. Remember to choose a shop that can service every part of your garage door ensemble including springs, cables, tracks, opener units, remotes and of course, the door itself.

Feel free to call Ahwatukee Garage Door Repair or any other local shop that you feel comfortable working with. Garage door problems can happen at any time so it’s best to be ready by having fast access to a trained and experienced garage door repair technician. Treat your garage door to better repair, replacement, and installation service by working a company that you like and trust.



After your garage door opens and closes thousands of times as the years pass, it’s bound to need at least some attention. There are numerous causes for the trouble you’re having. Some are simple, and some are complicated. Here are some probable issues and solutions.


Basic Garage Door Problems

Examine the cables. Thoroughly inspect your garage door springs to see if they are broken. If they aren’t, take a close look at the cables. A cable could be loose, or it might be broken. If the cabling appears different on one side or the other, then you might require cable repair or replacement.

Does the garage door opener run for only a few seconds, but turn off? If your garage door still doesn’t move, this can happen when your garage door is closed, and the motor tries to lift it, yet it won’t budge. First, what you should do is check the springs. If the springs aren’t the problem, then look at the track for any dirt, grime, or small obstacles. If none of these is the cause, then your garage door might be the type that has a built-in lock engaging accidentally. This is often a concern if you have an older garage door.

Complicated Issues with Garage Door Springs

If one of your garage door springs breaks, it can be sudden, and your garage door will slam down with a bang. The first thing you need to do is to check to see if a spring is broken. If so, the garage door won’t work at all, and you will likely observe that the spring has been severed in pieces. Broken springs must be replaced. They have to be replaced in sets; so if one spring breaks, the second one won’t be far behind. A garage door usually weighs as much as three hundred pounds, so it is nearly impossible ~ and very dangerous ~ to try to raise it. An expert garage door repair specialist is absolutely required to do garage door spring repair or replacement for you. In-depth experience, exceptional skill, exact precision, and maximum safety are needed. Keep in mind that most often, spring repair isn’t possible, and replacement will be required.

There are two basic garage door spring types:

Extension springs go on each side of your garage door, stretched alongside the garage door’s overhead track.

Torsion springs are the kind that are mounted on the header above your garage door, with a round rod that’s connected to the garage door’s sides. Torsion springs are normally thought by the experts to be the best; yet they are also highly dangerous. They should be adjusted or replaced only by an eminently qualified garage door repair technician, who will surely follow proper safety precautions.

Additional Issues that are Very Serious

Does your garage door not go up at all? If that’s the case, then it’s likely that your garage door spring requires expert attention. When either of your garage door springs has broken, the door will soon go on the fritz, and eventually won’t open. Call a garage door repair professional right away.

Perhaps your garage door track is out of alignment. This is bad. The metal track of your garage door must be aligned exactly, or it just won’t move. Are there bends in the rails, or gaps between the rollers and the rails? The considerable weight of the garage door can compound these issues as time goes by, so if your garage door starts to fail, don’t put off servicing it, because it may soon become dangerous. Contact a garage door repair expert immediately.

Unless you’re an engineer, DON’T ATTEMPT to adjust your garage door! If your garage door isn’t correctly serviced, a garage door spring can cause injury, and even death. The garage door bottom brackets, drums, and cables might also need adjusting. Avoid any risks, and keep yourself out of harm’s way! Hire a consummate local professional garage door repair specialist whom you know you can always rely upon. If you live anywhere in Ahwatukee, Arizona, consider choosing to hire a dependable garage door repair technician, such as the mobile specialists on staff at Ahwatukee Garage Door Repair, which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you.


It’s essential to follow a routine schedule of garage door maintenance. If you get in the habit of keeping an eye on any signs of garage door wear and tear, you will prolong the life of your garage door. Because your garage door is the largest operating appliance of your household it’s vital to keep it in tiptop condition. Especially if you use your garage as an office, workshop, or game room, it’s even more important to keep it well-maintained.

Regular garage door maintenance doesn’t call for a lot of effort. The minimal time needed to keep your garage door in superior condition is totally worth it, because if you ever do find that you’ll have to get garage door repairs, it won’t end up costing an arm and a leg. Moreover, you likely won’t even have to replace any parts for a good number of years.

It’s a wise idea to schedule an annual inspection with a local legitimate garage door repair company. Wires, pulleys, springs, and cables, unquestionably require the extra attention of a professional.

Monthly, inspect the components of your entire garage door system. If you discover any worn-out parts, replace them. Tighten any loose bolts. If you hear odd noises when the garage door opens and closes, don’t procrastinate; investigate!

Each year before winter arrives, keep your garage door hinges, rollers, and springs lubricated. Without lubrication, the springs will eventually rust, and the coils will bind up against each other and soon break. Some garage door professionals recommend that you lubricate four times a year. Use a reputable brand, so it will not dry out. A light coating is all you will need.


You have been looking forward to a relaxing weekend, but alas that’s not in the stars. As you pull into your driveway and hit the button on your opener’s remote, you quickly discover that there is an issue with your garage door opener. Sigh. Another issue to deal with. Lucky for you, you may be able to troubleshoot issues on your own. Keep reading for some pointers on how to troubleshoot common problems that may arise with your garage door opener. Don’t worry, these tips are easier than you may think!


Check Your Door

With the garage door closed, unplug your automatic opener (or pull your emergency release cord). Now, see how the door operates manually. Does the door open and close smoothly? If not, then you may have an issue with your springs, tracks or rollers – and not with your opener.


Issues with your remote

So, your wall switch is doing exactly what is supposed to do – opening and closing your garage door. If only you could say the same about your remote!  When you press the button, the door does nothing. It just stays put like a stubborn ant on a log (a 250lb ant that is). So what’s the issue? The door is clearly in proper working order as you have figured out from using the wall switch. Lucky for you, this may be something as simple as replacing the battery in your remote control unit. If that doesn’t work, there may be a short in your remote. But you’ll find that most home stores carry various models of garage door opener remotes. If you can’t find your particular brand – there are also universal remotes that may do the trick for you. Crisis averted.


The will go up, but will only come down when you press and hold the wall switch

If your garage door goes up correctly, but will only come down if you hold down the wall switch, this may point to an issue with your sensors. Do a quick check to make sure that the wall sensors are aligned correctly. The small lights on the sensors should be lit up when nothing is between them. Keep in mind, direct sunlight shining on the sensors can make them malfunction. Also, just like any other piece of equipment, the sensors do go bad and may need replacing altogether. If you notice that there is no light coming from your sensors, they may need to be replaced.


Garage door reverses on its own

If when you click the button to drop the garage door down, and it starts down the track then suddenly reverses and goes back up – this may also be an issue with the sensors. Give it a check – is there something blocking the sensor beams? If so, this is giving the sensors the impression that there is someone/thing there, and the sensors are working correctly by reversing the door. Clear the debris and try again – the door should operate correctly.

However, if your press the button to close the door, it closes all the way, and then starts reversing – this would point to another issue. The travel limits or force limits may be set up incorrectly, or you could be dealing with damaged tracks.


Garage door works intermittently

If your garage door opener seems to work when it feels like it, that is definitely an annoying issue. Perhaps in the morning it is working fine, but suddenly in the evening, the garage door is not responding correctly. This issue may be due to radio interference. Many of your household items operate using a radio frequency (such as your yard lights, ham radio and other electrical equipment). From time to time, the frequencies from these items can interfere with the proper operation of your garage door opener. To test if this is the issue, use your remote while standing close to the motor unit. If the garage door opener works correctly – then radio interference may be to blame. To troubleshoot this issue, you will have to find the source of the radio interruption, and either move it or turn it off.


Garage door opens and closes by itself

No, there is not a ghost in the machine. If your garage door opens and closes on its own, the cause may be fairly straight forward. A common cause may be that a neighbor has programmed their remote at the same time as yours. To troubleshoot this issue, erase all codes from your remote and reprogram it. If that doesn’t fix the issue, you may be dealing with a wiring issue. Check the wiring between the wall control and the motor unit. Faulty wiring can cause a short, which could result in the garage door opening and closing without being triggered. Another cause of this may be a defective wall unit, which would then need to be replaced.


Broken Springs

If your garage door will not go up, and you’ve checked the remote and motor (and found them in proper working condition) the issue may be broken springs. If you happen to be home at the time the springs break, you may hear a loud bang. The springs that hold up your garage door are working under a lot of tension, and the springs are actually what bear the load of the garage door. Doors come with one or two springs (torsion springs). If either spring breaks, the garage door opener may not be able to lift the weight of the door. Spring issues should only be fixed by a professional, so if this is the issue you’re dealing with, it is best to call a professional.


Hopefully this list can help you to troubleshoot minor issues that may arise with your garage door. Please remember, while some issues are fine for you to deal with on your own (changing batteries in your remote), other issues require the assistance of a professional (broken springs).  If you in the Ahwatukee, Arizona area and need help with your garage door opener, please give us a call at Ahwatukee Garage Door Repair. Our qualified technicians would be happy to help you.