The team at Ahwatukee Garage Door Repair in Ahwatukee, AZ knows that the garage door is an important feature of your property, whether you have a commercial or residential property. Therefore, maintenance is also very important, and it is not something that can be overlooked. The garage door can end up taking up a great deal of the exterior part of your property. Some people have huge doors! Anything that you use every single day needs to be maintained, and the garage door is no exception. The bigger it is, the more noticeable problems might be to your neighbors. Think about it – if you have a garage door that takes up a large amount of your property, and it gets stuck halfway, neighbors are going to notice. This is especially true for forward facing garages. And while a small garage door that is towards the back of your property might not be noticeable if it is off track, it can still be dangerous. These are things that make maintenance very important. You want to extend the life of your garage door whenever possible, too. Here, you will discover ways to keep your garage door in good condition for as long as possible. Have a look!

The Basics: Do a Visual Check

This is something that anyone can do, even if a person doesn’t have experience with garage doors. Simply look at your garage door. Watch it open and close, and see if anything looks as though it is off. Does the garage door shake more than it should while opening, or rattle, if you will? Do you notice any bending or warping in the tracks? Is there an obstruction in the track? If you can see that anything is off, it can ultimately cause problems in the operation of your garage door. If you can see a gap in a spring, for instance, this is a major issue that needs to be placed in the hands of an expert. Keep your eyes open when your garage door is opening and closing, at least once in a while. Also, make note of any mold spores, specifically on wood garage doors. Keep everything clean to prevent harmful growth!


Check Bolts to Ensure They Are Tight 

Hardware can, over time, become looser. Bolts should be carefully screwed into place. You should be able to see if anything is loose, for instance, nuts or bolts.

Remove Any Obstruction in the Tracks

We mentioned checking the tracks for obstructions. Ensure that if there is anything in the way that it is removed. It’s easy to sweep out the garage once in a while, ensuring leaves, sticks and dirt don’t get in the way. You don’t want debris to make its way into your garage door parts, and this is one way to prevent this from happening.

Check the Rollers

Garage door rollers are typically either nylon or steel and they can be expected to last for a few years – usually up to seven. Then, once they have lasted their expected lifespan, it is time to have them replaced. Either way, you should check them out every so often. Look for signs of wear, chipping or even cracking. If you do notice any of these concerns, it is a wise idea to change the rollers. Of course, if you don’t have the appropriate experience, it’s best to hire an expert.

Look at the Cables

There is a lot of tension associated with cables, so any mistakes can cause serious injury. However, it is safe to just look at them and do a visual exam. Notice broken strands where the cable is connected to the bottom roller bracket.

Do a Test For the Reverse Feature

It is quite simple to test your garage door to make sure all is working properly in terms of the reverse feature. Place an object in the path of the garage door. Does it reverse automatically on its own? It should, upon sensing something in its path. If something is wrong, and you aren’t sure what to do, reach out to an expert.

Lubricate or Oil Parts

Parts of your garage door need oil and lubrication so that they function correctly. But you need to be careful of excess grease hardening. Use a silicone based lubricant on the springs. Chains and screws tend to do fine with hardware store lubricant but if in doubt ask your garage door manufacturer.

Look At Weather Stripping

Weather stripping is important. It helps out with things like insulation. The weather stripping is generally at the bottom of the garage door, and you can see if it is cracking or ripping at all. This is something that can be purchased from your local home improvement store.

Ensure Everything is Balanced

If a garage door isn’t balanced properly, then it will fail to function correctly. One can check the balance of the garage door by disconnecting the door from the opener system. Upon disconnecting it, try lifting the door physically. It should lift with ease. When you close the door, it shouldn’t be problematic for you. If you are straining yourself or if something doesn’t seem right, then it is a good idea to call in a professional to take a look at it.

It is important to stay on top of garage door maintenance. Of course, you can always just hire an expert to come out to do a safety inspection for you. Doing a Google search for a local garage door technician in your city should reveal plenty of results. Hire a person that is licensed and insured so that you can trust that you are protected when they do their job. It is so important to make note of any issues with your garage door so that they can be fixed right away. The faster problems are resolved, the longer your garage door is likely to last. Keep it in good condition. Keep it maintained! Hopefully these tips help you to enjoy a long lasting, safe to use garage door for many years to come.


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